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We provide consulting,development and L2/L3 services for the mobile infrastructure applications deployed on a mobile operator’s network.
We have a highly competent technical product support engineering team to take care of the L2/L3 services for existing or legacy applications deployed in the network.
We also have a dedicated world class product development team responsible for the development of new or add-on infrastructure mobile applications as per mobile operator’s business requirement.
This value added mobile infrastructure application management services provide following unique benefits to the customers:
A customer specific dedicated world-class engineering team for prompt issue resolution. Shortens the escalation path and relieves the primary contact (system integrator) on working out strategic alternatives.
Domain expertise in large scale distributed computing architecture. The customer gets better solutions for new business applications and resolves complex issues that involve multiple components.
Short time to market. New business needs operators to be quickly turned into working solutions as the synergies of the primary system integrators (vendors) overall system design and Zenevo technical development expertise are combined to deliver timely solutions.
Low cost operation. The overall cost of providing similar services by on-shore vendors would be several times more than the dedicated off-shore team model.
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